Can you please rescue these baby birds?

Baby Robins Being FedI’ve been getting a lot of calls lately about people finding baby birds on the ground.  The people on the other end always ask if I could come out and rescue these baby birds. The truth is they are not in need of rescue at all.  I usually ask first if the baby bird looks injured or wounded.  I then ask if the baby birds have feathers and are mobile.  Nine times out of ten the answer is yes.  I begin to explain to them that this is a natural occurrence.  The nest is only designed to hold the babies for so long.  The baby birds get too big for the nest and start over powering one another for space. Eventually they will start jumping from branch to branch and eventually land on the ground.  Some can actually fly right out of the nest, maybe not so well at first but they will learn.  The adults know exactly where the baby birds are at all times.  They are in constant communication with one another through many different vocalizations.

My advice is always if the baby bird does not looked distressed to leave them be.  I absolutely stress that nine times out of ten these baby birds do not need to be rescued.  We as humans think we are always doing good by helping out but unknowingly you could be doing more harm than good.

If the baby birds are still in a nest, then absolutely leave them alone. For most birds, from hatch to fledge it will take approximately 28 days and the baby birds will be on their way.  This does not include any Birds of Prey.

If you are unsure about a situation please give us a call.