Can you please rescue these baby bunnies?

Baby Rabbits in the YardI receive numerous calls every week about “Can you please rescue these baby bunnies/rabbits”.  Whether it is a nest that is found in the lawn or they see the rabbits running around in the back yard; or the kids caught them and brought them home in a box or a cat or dog got to the nest, the facts are:  A female cottontail rabbit will dig a 3-6 inch depression in the ground usually right out in the open. She will use dry grass and her own hair to line the nest where she will give birth to as many as 8 young, which are hairless and blind. The female will keep them covered up but will not stay with them. She may return once every 12 hours to nurse them.  The rabbit mothers milk is very rich and the baby bunnies grow extremely fast.  The female Rabbit may have up to 6 litters in a single season, if weather permits.  As soon as the baby bunnies are fully furred and their eyes are open they will leave the nest and spread out at this time.  They will pretty much rely on eating vegetation and will give up nursing.  Even though the baby bunnies are still very small they are quite capable of taking care of themselves but are still very fragile and should be left alone.

If the baby bunny is mortally wounded or any broken limbs the animal will absolutely not survive or can it be rehabilitated. They are too fragile to fix.

I do not recommend handling them because you can wind up hurting them very easily.  My motto is always; Let Them Go, Let Them Grow.  Again these animals do not need to be rescued.

If you are unsure about a situation please give us a call.