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Home and Commercial Property Inspection – Top to Bottom – Property and Grounds

All That’s Wildlife provides full-service home and commercial property rat-inspection-150x150inspection to identify any nuisance wildlife problems. If you have bats in your attic, raccoon under the porch, or squirrels taking over your garage, we will locate and identify the problems and the points of entry. We will give you a written explanation of the problem, or problems identified, along with an itemized price list of all the necessary repairs needed to solve your nuisance animal problem. Home inspections include; roof, attic, perimeter, foundation, chimney, and overview of your home, garage, outbuildings and surrounding grounds.

home-inspection-nightmare-150x150An average inspection may take from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the style of home, type of critter(s), number and size of outbuildings, etc. Often, animal removal and exclusion services can be provided at the time of the inspection. It is very important to make sure all repairs are done thoroughly to prevent re-entry of the wildlife or other nuisance animals. Most service and inspection fees can be applied towards the total cost of your animal control program and service proposal. Prices will very from site to site, depending on the number of repairs needed, style of home, pitch of roof, materials and tools required, and the overall difficulty of the job.
All That’s Wildlife will inspect your home, business, commercial property or site for nuisance/wild animal, bird, or snake problems. Knowing what issues you are dealing with may appear to be a mystery to a property owner, at first. Having a professional home inspection and evaluation will help identify your nuisance or pest problems. At first sign of a pest or animal problem in your attic, in your home, or on your property, call a professional: Call Rick at All That’s Wildlife, before a minor problem turns into a much larger, more expensive issue.

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