How much does professional animal removal cost?

Chicago Animal Removal ServicesOnce we have determined what is going on at your residence or business, we will give you an estimate over the phone and explain to you exactly what we will be doing. We come out and do a thorough inspection, determine the problem and explain the course of action we will take to remedy this problem. We also explain to you your responsibilities as the customer, so we can provide you the quickest, most cost effective solutions to your specific situation. We strategically place the traps where they are the most needed and help us insure that we are capturing the target animals that are creating the problems.

We then give an additional estimate on any repairs and prevention solutions to help avoid any future problems.

Remember, all situations are different. A large animal can sometimes do a little damage, and little animals can often do a lot of damage. The best course of action is to not procrastinate. Call an All That’s Wildlife, Inc. professional for an assessment.

Sometimes a customer will procrastinate on their decision to remove the animal. If they wait too long the damage only gets worse and the costs can increase dramatically. In this case the customer waited almost 2 weeks before calling us back as you can see by the pictures the damage got quite extensive. I later found out that the homeowner tried to take care of things himself but ultimately ended up costing him more money in the end.

[custom_frame_left shadow=”on”]The cage is set Early signs of animal damage More animal damage Damage a week later[/custom_frame_left]