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What We Provide

Wildlife trapping, wildlife removal and relocation

If you have an unwanted animal taking up residence in your home, business or property, we can help. Our professionals will come out to your location and perform a thorough inspection to determine the best course of action. You can rely on over 20 years of expertise and knowledge to help you with your nuisance animal removal. Our skilled animal removal experts only use humane capture methods.


Animal exclusions

Animal exclusion is a process that allows animals to get out and not get back in. After our animal exclusion expert is convinced that there is no more animal activity inside, they will seal up all possible entry points and eliminate the possibility of re-entry to your property.


Animal control and repelling

Animal repelling is a short-term solution for removing animals such as rodents or snakes. Our experts will analyze the situation and offer a comprehensive plan of attack for these unwanted guests.


Dead animal removal

 If you have a dead animal around your property, we will take the necessary steps to restore things back to normal as discretely as possible. We will locate the problem, remove it, abate any contaminated materials and disinfect the site area. We also provide beneficial consultations that have already been tried and proven by thousands of satisfied customers. Also check out our Odor Control Services under our Animal Damage Repairs & Animal Proofing tab.

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What We Provide

Property Maintenance Services

Do you need help with clearing and cleaning up your residence or business landscapes that have encouraged wildlife to move in? ATW is your property maintenance solution. We provide animal proofing, animal damage repairs and property maintenance services as well as attic cleanup services. These services are perfect for senior citizens, the convalescing or for busy parents or professionals who just don’t have enough time! We use all natural, environmentally friendly “Go Green” products that are human & pet safe.

Services include

  • Complete Attic Restoration

  • Crawl space and basement cleanups

  • Garage, barn and shed cleanups

  • Lot clearing

  • Brush clearing

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Real Estate & Realtor services clearing and clean up assistance

We provide a complete attic cleanup service, insulation replacement and attic joist walkways. Contact us for an assessment of your home or business.


Tree Trimming and Wrapping

Trees are usually one of the most common travel routes for different animals to gain access to your home. We will provide you a written estimate on professionally trimming your trees and bushes so that animals will have not have a direct path into your home or business.

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